Our Future - our Children

Knowledge is the key

The Climate knows no boarders, this is a fact. To understand that isolation is not the solution, even more, we need to open your hearts and key of all is education. With every tree we plant, with every tree we care and supervise we need to keep  in our mind that all efforts what we doing we have to do for our children.

We need to bring a lot of more care to our children to form a better future.  But also it is a fact that poor families, even if they want,  can´t carry the cost for there the education of their kids. It usually fails beginning from the costs for the school uniform or to buy the books. These children tend to end mostly as workers at farms. 

It makes no sense to plant trees in the face of this situation. AshanTree feels committed to fight child labor, even more, our concept is builded up that every tree will share our vision of a better future in view to humanity.

A share of 10% is included in the pricing and will be donated in Ghana for  

  • Education

  • Health & Care

  • Prevention of child labor




Biologische Landwirtschaft