Germany meets Ghana

Aims of the Partnership

  • Promoting cultural relationships, ex- changes and understanding to broaden perspectives and prospects of younger and older citizens on both sides

  • Raising awareness and activity to- wards environmental protection and sustainable living on both sides

  • Promoting education and educational opportunities, to empower citizens, especially women to be independent and self-sufficient on both sides

  • Promoting entrepreneurial initiatives and businesses through the establishment of small scale industries to offer jobs for the youth as well as investment opportunities for our partners

  • Building economic relations by ex- changing domestic goods and products on both sides

  • Creating a space for meeting people of different backgrounds and cultures to promote a respectful coexistence across national borders

  • The promotion of school projects in order to create a lively exchange among children and adolescent

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Last year when a delegation from Atwima traveled to Murnau I as the first mayor of Murnau felt honored to welcome our friends and share our story with them. Bavarian tradition and culture met Ghanaian tradition and culture. The connection between our two communities, which was already noticeable at the time, can now be further deepened by this partnership. I am immensely pleased that the entire parish council voted unanimously for establishing the partnership with Atwima. I remembered my trip to Tanzania about a year ago. I experienced the people there and their dealings with each other as extremely enriching and  meaningful. The meeting with the people from Atwima confirmed my impression that we can all learn a lot about ourselves by getting to know other cultures. The partnership makes it possible to promote exactly this human interaction and to convey values to one another. That's why it is with great joy and pride that I enter this partnership with Atwima today. I am convinced that it represents an enrichment in many ways for everyone involved. With this partnership we demonstrate: Murnau merges global open-mindedness with bavarian tradition. Rolf Beuting, First Mayor of Murnau am Staffelsee

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The relationship and Partnership between Atwima and Murnau am Staffelsee was initiated through the friendship bet- ween Mr. Albert Kofi Osei-Wusu (a citizen of Atwima now living in Munich since over four decades) and Mr. and Mrs. Wolfart. In February 2018, Mr. Osei-Wusu and the Wolfarts honoured me and my Traditional Council with a courtesy visit to my palace, bringing with them a delegation of some 10 citizens from Murnau.This truly wonderful visit immediately gave me and my council a deep feeling of Atwima and Murnau belonging together even though we are approximately 7000 kilometres apart. My Queen Mother and myself, together with members of my Traditional Council deemed it right and proper to enstool Mrs. Torita Wolfart as our Traditional Queen Mother of Development considering her immense support to our community. So we did enstool her under the stool name NANA AKUA AKYERE II. This event was followed in June of the same year by an invitation to visit Murnau, which I wholeheartedly accepted with my family. On this visit we were given a rousing, wonderfully traditional Bavarian welcome, with the Mayor of Murnau, Mr. Rolf Beuting honouring me with the invitation to pen my name in the town’s GOLDEN BOOK. I, with my family were so very impressed and positively moved by the amount of warmth and honest hospitality shown us throughout our memorable visit. Where- ver we went, whomever we met, we were greeted with open interest, kindness and respect. This in turn gave me the opportunity to officially pose the suggestion for a lasting Partnership between Atwima and Murnau am Staffelsee. I went back to inform my Traditional Council of my efforts and asked for their opinion. They unanimously approved.This Partnership, the very first of its kind, is a great honour to the citizens of Atwimaman, to me personally and it supports the future cross-cultural understanding and sharing between our two communities. It is my hope that this Partnership will result in friendly and fruitful liason across the broader spectrums of our both communities, Murnau am Staffelsee and Atwima Traditional Area, leading towards long-lasting exchanges on socio-cultural, personal and commercial levels, all borne by honest interest, curiosity, energy and mutual respect. Nana Antwi Agyei Brempong II - Atwimahene