Survival Rate

More than Planting

Like in other matters in life the factor care is a serious element in realizing successful projects. As offered in our forestration timeline we will start our first planting campaign in a 130 hectares area with a planting capacity of around 85k trees. For this kickoff we will start with 5 permanent employees. Moreover this workers will supported by Forestry Commission and Projects from the Competence Center of Excellence. 

For the next step objectives and expansion all partners, farmers and other organizations will get a manual of standard with exact advises, instructions and provisos. The supervision of this project will also done by Ashantree Trainers to guarantee the highest standards to aim the best possible survival rate. 

With our partners in Germany and the Forestry Commission and the Competence Center of Excellence we will integrate 

Süßigkeit Stripes
Biologische Landwirtschaft